Our History And Culture


PIVOTAL Consultancy Services (PCS) serves as a dual function body consisting of highly qualified Afghans experts in their respective discipline, in managing programs for public and private enterprises in Afghanistan. Established in 2013, PIVOTAL Consultancy Services has been the professional hub for different organizations by providing professional services across Afghanistan. Our work model works on step-by-step support in providing client services and assistance with organizational development, capacity building, evaluation and event management. Our clientele ranges from small companies, non-profit organizations to development institutions and government sectors. We venture with different organizations as partnerships both locally and overseas to enhance capacity as demanded by our clients. We blend experience and qualification to form a place like PCS and provide the to-most level of service and accountability



Our Vision is to be known by our name as the leading consultancy firm for organizations and institutions in Afghanistan..


Our mission

Our Mission is to provide our clients unmatched technical services in research, evaluation, organizational development, capacity development and event management.